How to enter a new market without wasting time and risk

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If you are business owner or manager and your goal may be

New markets entry
Attract reliable partner or partners
Launching your branch or subsidiary
Become a Significant New Market Entrant
Attract significant customers 

Welcome for a free session to get a personal plan to help you:

Find a reliable partner or partners
Gain recognition in a new market 
Proceed without loss according to the rules of the new market
Start making a profit in a reasonable time
Gain ignificant customers
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Who is your expert

Greg Galt.

  • Co-owner of Atlant Group, 20+ years running a business: distribution, production, construction;
  • For several years, from scratch, created a roofing shingles market in four countries, made a manufacturer from Finland with weak sales No. 1 in European markets.
  • Developed 3 prominent brands — Katepal, Ruflex, Bege Mott; Built  own roofing manufacturing plant, warehouse terminals; Created an expanded distribution and partnership network in eastern Europe;
  • Coach for entrepreneurs and owners of manufacturing, construction, distribution businesses

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