There are quite a few ways to increase revenues by 10, 20 and even 30%, without attracting new customers, and quite quickly. We are implementing these tools in our projects for setting up sales departments. The presence of a set of tools makes it possible to choose the most effective one, in every situation.

One of such tools is the implementation or bringing to the actual use in the work (if already installed) CRM-system. There is CRM system in many companies, but not used properly.

Where to start: all leads, without exception, from all sources should get into CRM. It is necessary to properly configure the funnel stages. Managers must enter all the necessary information in CRM. You need to configure reports and analytics. Establish ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the above.

These simple events will give you that increase in revenue by tens of percent. Because the orders will not be lost, the salespeople will stop forgetting to contact the client on time, you will have an understanding on what stages you lose the most of sales.

If you want to get a template of the “CRM guide for salespeople”, organization standard, recommendations — how to establish automated control over the quality work with CRM — welcome to the consultation:

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