Today’s theme is climbing the summits.

🚩f you want to be on a summit, you need to plan the way, you need resources, you need a guide, you need a training. If any component is missing, most likely, the journey to the top does not even begin. And if it starts, it will be a gamble with a high probability of failure.

🚩Scenarios conquering the summit in business, in a career, in life can be compared with climbing the most «ordinary» summits — the mountains: the Caucasus, the Alps, the Himalayas. Going to the mountains is a very good idea if you feel something is not right at work, in the company.

🚩At the moment, the highest summit I climbed — Mount Aconcagua in Argentina — 6962 m. Whatever the height and importance of the summit you are currently aiming at, there are guarantees that you will be there. After all, reaching the summit is the result of correct planning and actions on the route and partly of luck.

🚩Before I climbed to the top of Aconcagua, I did not reach, some 200-300 meters before the summit on Mount Elbrus, on Kilimanjaro. It would seem, «almost reached» … But «almost», as they say, does not count. And it does not matter what disturbed- the weather, the shape, wrong route. However, it is important to remember that there will always be another try to reach the top. There will be other peaks.

🚩Besides the general metaphorical nature, mountains (and not only mountains) open their eyes to new strategies for achieving business goals. For example — climbing a mountain of 5000 m and higher is not linear — higher and higher … You rise to some intermediate point, then you go halfway down, and after acclimatization go even higher. The higher the peak, the more complex the climbing scheme can be.

✅One of the key roles on the route is the guide, who, depending on the level of your shape, available resources, chooses the optimal climbing model that is most likely to allow you to be on the summit.

✅Anyway, the first and necessary condition for ascending to where you have not been before is the will to take the first step. Then everything will be determined by your perseverance, by your power of intention.