Strengthening the sales department is one of the points of revenue and profit growth. In order to increase the efficiency of your sales, start with checking out what they are actually doing in a company. It is not uncommon for a sales people to be a “universal soldiers” in a company: besides calls and meetings, they perform the functions of a logistics, an accountant, a storekeeper, a secretary, and even a cleaner.

Such a situation can occur if you do not have enough incoming orders, current tasks for open deals, to load sales people, if it is not assumed that your sales are engaged in active lead generation.

When your sales person performs «serving» functions, you lose money. Free your sales people from everything that is not directly related to sales process. Hire another person for the processing and execution of orders, accounting, cleaning etc.

After you get your people to engage in sales in full force, set up qualitative and quantitative standards for — how many calls and meetings should be done daily, what information to place in CRM, what reports to prepare etc.

The next step is quality control of sales process. It should not be time to time, but permanent. Part of sales people’s salary should depend on how well they perform in standards.

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