It doesn’t matter if you have a marketing department or you are still a “marketer by yourself”. Imagine that you have a «Jedi Sword» — a high-tech weapon that generates an energy blade, which pushes the dense rows of your competitors and makes your product a direct path to customers.

The brand of your product is the “lightsaber” of a marketer, product, company. The brand of your product is associated in the minds of your customers with the brightest qualities of your product. And here — two news.

Good — for those who purposefully work on the formation of the brand’s reputation. Bad — for all the rest, because they let the situation at the mercy of competitors.

In that case your brand will make a “brand blindness” among your consumers, your product will be persistently overlooked. Otherwise your product will be perceived as mediocre or low quality.

Your product may have a trademark registered (or not yet). But this is not a brand. A brand is a complex of ideas, opinions, associations, emotions, value characteristics about a product or service in the mind of a consumer. The mental shell of a product or service.

How to start the way of turning an abstract product ID, a trademark into a brand? The brand should be based on its emotional characteristics. State what your brand is — dynamic, conservative, mature, bold, ambitious, democratic, etc.

Determine the emotion that will be the driver of your brand, will attract the appropriate audience. Clear brand emotional description will help your team coordinate efforts to promote it. It will help to speak to  contractors and customers in the same language.

The next step is the creation of a “brand platform”, which will be your regulation in internal and external communications, in developing a brand strategy, a brand book, visualization, and communication strategies.

It is worth remembering that, depending on what kind of business you have, a brand may be not only the product itself, but also the company or even a specific person.

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