🏃Last weekend I ran the Moscow Marathon, It’s good or not, «nature does not have bad weather» and autumn came to Moscow. The morning was gloomy, it was raining. The inner voice made three attempts to dissuade from running a marathon. «Everything will get wet — clothes, shoes. In addition, the wind. Probably, no one will run. Why do you need it? One more, one less. You will run afterward on the training when it’s dry. » The inner voice was plugged with an umbrella and, along with everything else, put on outside. 

🏃The first 15 km, while it rained, I ran under an umbrella. This did not cause any inconvenience. Neither to myself nor to others. But it did not drop from above and helped to be covered from the wind! In general, the Moscow marathon, this year, was easier for me than in the last year, despite the fact that the right knee grinned at 35 km: «forget about the finish.»
🏃 The knee was explained that it is possible to run by a straight leg if you really want to (it was probably funny to look at it from the side).
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