🎗In order for getting intended results, so that you and your business, your organization achieve your goals, it worth to figure out what is responsibility, because in practice for many people «responsibility» is a beautiful, but, unfortunately — rarely filled with the real meaning word.

🎗The productivity of the organization directly depends on how much the system of responsibility implemented, at all levels — for ordinary employees, for the middle management and specialists, and for the managers of the organization. In order to implement the system of responsibility, it is necessary to understand the five of its components:

✅Who, in each case, is the subject of responsibility or, simply — who is responsible for the result. Responsibility is always personal.

✅What is the object of responsibility — for what result the subject is responsible. The result must always be specific, measurable and defined in time.

✅Who the subject is responsible for achieving or not achieving the result to or who is the consumer of the result.

✅What does the subject get for achieving or not achieving the result in return. If nothing happens, neither good nor bad for the subject, depending on the outcome, we can say there is no responsibility at all in that case.

✅For the sake of what the subject works for the result — to feed the family, to realize an important project for the community, to make the life of other people easier — this is an important (but not the only) component of the responsibility system.