The first level mistake is the absence of any kind of marketing. You may have great product then, but if your potential customers are not aware of existence of product, there will be no sales.

A second level mistake happens when your marketing messages are words that perform a single function — inform the customer about the availability of a product of this category from the seller. «Concrete wholesale», «Paint directly from the manufacturer», «Furniture at the best prices», «Residential houses», etc., as the 90% of all advertising, marketing messages.

This could work in a market without competition, with more customers than sellers. In competitive markets, which are now the majority, a potential buyer sees dozens, hundreds of similar ads and therefore uses the only criterion — price. This is what your sellers say when they come to you for another discount for the customer.

This situation harms manufacturers and trading companies that offer a good product, with a higher cost. Such companies are in the most unfavorable situation. They have to reduce prices to the level of less sincer competitors, who meet «the wishes of low prices from the market» and save on everything, and often go beyond the boundaries of the legal field.

What to do if the client actually has money for a good product, but does not see the difference between your good product and the cheapest that is on the market? The solution is to work-out a marketing message that will be not about your product, but about customer satisfaction and the difference between your product and competitors.

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