In my coaching program I use technologies that lead to the result for my customers. Among them — two growth factors, which you can try to apply yourself.

✅The first factor is based on the mathematics of the result. Example: in order to earn $1 million, and this is $83 333 a month, you need to make 100 sales every month with an average yield of each sale — $833

➕In order to make 100 sales, you need to get 500 orders from new customers and 100 orders from current clients for a month (conversion of orders from current customers is usually higher).

➕To receive such a number of orders, it is necessary to make 3000 calls, hold 300 meetings, hold 4 seminars / webinars and so on — specific figures are determined by the specifics of the business. In order to do so number of actions, you need two managers (for example, in your case — you have to count).

➕At the heart of the first factor lies the funnel of regular repeated actions that lead you to the result. In my program, I help to sort out specific figures and motivate my customers to commit acts.

✅The second factor allows to reveal the deep reason why you can not get the desired result, why you can not make regular repetitive actions for the desired result.

➕Such a reason may be, for example, the discrepancy between the strategy of your sales activities, the promotion of your product to the sales zone in the market were you work. Actions in the competitive market and sales of a new product, to which the demand has not yet exist, for example — are different. In total, there are nine such a sales zones and the strategies for working on them are different.

➕Such a reason may be in the inconsistency of the objectives of the owners in relation to business, the lack of a goal at all, and then the business operates by  the scenario of «Groundhog Day». Uncertain areas of responsibility, poor «packaging» and positioning of the product and many other reasons usually make it difficult to achieve the financial goals of the business, even if you deal more or less with the mathematics of the action.

➕The task is to identify the underlying causes that make weakness in your sales, eliminate them and then even adjust the math of the action. To effectively identify such causes, an external view is necessary. To do this, either the owner for some time gets out from operating business, or attracts an expert who helps him to find growth points.

✍In order to get a trial strategic session that will give you an understanding — in which direction to move, send an application in the profile or write a message. Good luck!